We help employers avoid litigation by helping them understand the changing employment and labor laws, promulgate smart policies that make sense for their environment, document issues and think from different perspectives.


Lipman & Plesur, LLP defends employers in wage-hour and employment disputes. In addition to assisting employers with existing claims, our lawyers can also help identify steps that you can take before a lawsuit or administrative audit to reduce exposure to lawsuits. Our lawyers understand that the strongest defense is unambiguous evidence of compliance with all applicable record keeping, notice and pay requirements. By reviewing time keeping systems, payroll records, documentation procedures and handbooks we can help you keep and maintain the written evidence of compliance you need to help you achieve favorable results. To provide you with the strongest defense, we also offer compliance training, consultation and HR advice.

Start-ups and commercial matters  

We are regularly asked to help structure start-ups and handle commercial litigation. While our focus is on employment-related matters, some of our clients have asked us to handle commercial litigation and other commercial matters because of the trust that we have earned.   We do not want to handle a matter unless we believe we are one of the best firms to do so.  If we believe that a matter is not in our area of expertise, we routinely refer matters to other attorneys so that our clients get the best result possible.  ​

General Counsel Services

Some of our clients have moved on to build their own business or required trusted counsel to handle general legal matters.  For a few of our corporate clients, we have taken on the role of General Counsel.  We have advised our clients in matters involving financial services, the garment industry and blockchain technology.  We have litigated commercial contract and UCC cases and brought in cost-effective co-counsel to handle the many legal issues that may arise.