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This is to inform you of what you are entitled to as our client. To help prevent any misunderstandings, please read this carefully.

If you ever have any questions about these rights, or about the way your case is being handled, please do not hesitate to ask us. We will be readily available to represent your best interests and keep you informed about your case.

We at Lipman & Plesur LLP will never refuse to represent you on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability or any other protected category.

  • We will handle your case competently and diligently, in accordance with the highest standards in the profession, show you courtesy and consideration at all times, represent you zealously, and preserve your confidences and secrets that are revealed in the course of the relationship.

  • We will furnish you with a written engagement agreement, which will set forth, in plain language, the nature of the relationship and the details of the fee arrangement. At your request, and before you sign the agreement, you are entitled to have us clarify in writing any of its terms, or request additional provisions.

  • You are entitled to fully understand the proposed fee before you sign the engagement agreement.

  • You may refuse to enter into any fee arrangement that you find unsatisfactory.

  • You are entitled to know in advance how you will be asked to pay legal fees and expenses.

  • At your request, and after we have had a reasonable opportunity to investigate your case, you are entitled to an estimation of the future costs your case may incur; the estimate shall be made in good faith, but it is subject to change due to facts and circumstances affecting the case.

  • You are expected to be truthful in all discussions with us and to provide all relevant information and documentation to enable us to prepare your case competently.

  • You are entitled to be kept informed of the status of your case and to be provided with copies of correspondence and documents prepared on your behalf or received from the court or your adversary.

  • You are entitled to make the ultimate decision regarding the objectives of your case, such as whether or not you will accept a settlement or severance offer.

  • Our written engagement agreement will specify under what circumstances we might seek to withdraw as your attorney. If an action or proceeding is pending, a court may award a "charging lien," which entitles us to compensation for services we have rendered out of the proceeds of any final order or judgment you receive.

  • We will exert our best efforts on your behalf, but we cannot guarantee particular results.

  • In the event of a fee dispute, you will have the right to seek arbitration. We will provide you with the necessary information regarding arbitration in the event of a fee dispute, or upon your request.

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