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Overtime Pay

The Department of Labor estimates that over 70% of all places of employment in the United States are not operating in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. As a result, many employees are not properly compensated for their well-deserved and hard-earned overtime pay. Employees are often misclassified as exempt from overtime pay, or simply not paid for all hours actually worked. Lipman & Plesur, LLP can evaluate your case and, if you have earned pay that you have not received, fight for your wages. Pay policies generally apply uniformly to all similarly situated employees within an organization. If one employee is unlawfully denied overtime pay, it is likely that similarly situated co-workers are as well. Strength is often found in numbers, and it may be advantageous to bring a case on behalf of a group of similarly situated employees. We have prosecuted complex federal and state law class actions that have recovered millions of dollars for workers entitled to overtime pay. This area of the law is extremely complex. Please call us if you have worked more than 40 hours a week and think you are entitled to unpaid overtime compensation.

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