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Sexual Harassment

Lipman & Plesur, LLP is extremely proud of the fact that we have handled several of the largest sexual harassment class actions in New York State and have represented many hundreds of individuals with respect to their sexual harassment claims as well. We understand the issues involved and are here to help. We know how to make an impact in this area and we do what it takes to obtain the fair and just financial remedies our clients deserve. We have obtained large monetary settlements for many sexual harassment victims. We know how to put the facts together, strategize, litigate and do what it takes to obtain the most favorable results for our clients. We have resolved claims through negotiation and mediation, and we are experienced in pursuing claims in federal and state courts. We are considered innovators in this area of the law and have been able to achieve just results for clients in many different professions and workplaces. From car dealerships to investment banks, we take sexual harassment seriously and get results for our clients.

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